Other Equipment

Image:  Class 1000 clean room

A clean preparation room is equipped with HEPA-filtered air, positive air pressure, Barnstead Ropure ST Reverse Osmosis unit, a laminar flow work station, laminar flow exhausting hood, and a acid-resistant hood. This space is used primarily for digestion or sequential extraction of solids. 


The lab is also equipped with a Zeiss Photomicroscope III, complete with both transmitted and reflected light.


Image to come soon:  Aqueous Geochemistry Laboratory

The companion Aqueous Geochemistry Laboratory has, among other equipment:

Sartorious 120S high-precision balance

Barnstead 4-liter/hr boiling-water still

NanoPur Deionizer

Quartz sub-boiling still for acid distillation

laminar-flow work station

acid-resistant hood

Dionex 4000i ion chromatograph

various field meters for sampling and analysis of unstable constituents


The BTV:  a sampling van for chemical hydrogeology