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Sedimentary Geology

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Sedimentary Geology is a particular strength of the University of Kansas. The program is highly ranked and well respected. In a recent national poll by US News and World Reports, the University of Kansas Department of Geology achieved top 10 rankings in its two soft-rock research areas (Sedimentology/ Stratigraphy and Paleontology), placing it among an elite three schools nationwide to have achieved such recognition. In the last ten years, members of KU's program have received more than fourteen awards, medals, or honorable mentions to acknowledge the impact of their research accomplishments.

The group at the University is diverse, covering specialties in CARBONATE GEOLOGY, CLASTICS, PETROLEUM GEOLOGY, SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY, TECTONICS and SEDIMENTARY PROCESSES and GEOCHEMISTRY and DIAGENESIS. Well integrated with the researchers in sedimentary geology is a large group of researchers in PALEONTOLOGY, also an essential part of the program.

What graduate level courses are available in Sedimentary Geology?

- Basin Analysis
- Carbonate Depositional Systems
- Petroleum Geology
- Carbonate Petrology
- Seminar in Sequence Stratigraphy
- Seminar on Coral reefs
- Fluid Inclusion Geochemistry
- Subsurface Reservoir Characterization
- Well Logging
- Guadalupe-Sacramentos Field trip
- Florida-Bahamas Field Trip
- Puerto Rico Field Trip
- Book Cliffs Field Trip
- Mexico Field Trip
- Carbonate diagenesis
- Micropaleontology
- Paleoecology
What are the current sources of funding?
State of Kansas
K. T. E. C.
Anadarko Petroleum
BP Amoco
Kinney Oil Co.
Mull Drilling
Murfin Drilling Co.
Pioneer Petroleum

Current graduate student support available

FELLOWSHIPS - Fellowships are currently available to students. Sources of fellowships include one from Chevron Texaco, others from the Patterson Fund, Ginnell Fund, and other oil companies.

TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS - Yearly, there are various teaching assistantships available through the Department of Geology.

RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS - Yearly, there are various research assistantships available through the Department of Geology and the Kansas Geological Survey

Faculty involved in Sedimentary Geology

Bob Goldstein (Professor-Dept. of Geol., gold@ku.edu)
Bob Buddemeier (Courtesy Professor-Dept. of Geog., Senior Scientist-Kansas Geol. Surv.)
Dan Stockli (Assistant Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Diane Kamola (Visiting Associate Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Doug Walkerr (Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Evan Franseen (Professor-Dept. of Geol., Senior Scientist-KGS)
Gwen Macpherson (Associate Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Paul Enos (Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Randy Van Schmus (Professor-Dept of Geol.)
Jennifer Roberts (Assistant Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
John Doveton (Courtesy Professor-Dept. of Geol., Senior Scientist-Kansas Geol. Surv.)
Luis Gonzalez (Associate Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Lee Gerhard (Courtesy Professor-Dept. of Geol., Principal Geologist-Kansas Geol. Surv.)
Lynn Watney (Courtesy Professor-Dept. of Geol., Senior Scientist-Kansas Geol. Surv.)
Tim Carr (Courtesy Professor-Dept of Geol., Senior Scientist-Kansas Geol. Surv.)
Tony Walton (Associate Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Steve Hasiotis (Assistant Professor-Dept. of Geol.)
Bruce Lieberman (Associate Professor-Dept. of Geol.)

Examples of recent and current graduate students and their projects
Abdulrahman M.I. Allisa - Electrofacies model and sequence stratigraphic framework of lower Morrow rocks, case study, Arroyo and Gentzler oil fields, Hugoton embayment Southwestern Kansas

Alexander Martinez - An integrated Geophysical/Geological Study of the Tonganoxie Sandstone Member of the Stranger Formation (Upper Pennsylvanian) in Northeast Kansas

Alycia L. Rode - Invasive Species and Mass Extinction: a Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Study of the Subclass Phyllocarida (Class Crustacea) during the Late Devonian Biodiversity Crisis

Anita E Csoma - Calcium Carbonate Cementation in the Meteoric-Marine Mixing Zone: Process and Criteria for Recognition

Govert Buijs - Reconstruction of Fluid-Flow History and Diagenesis in the Hugoton Embayment, Western Kansas

Christopher L. Johnson - The Effects of Relative Sea-Level and Paleotopography on Lithofacies Distribution and Geometries in Heterozoan Carbonates, Southeastern Spain

Daniel I. Hembree - Paleontology and Ichnology of and Ephemeral Pond Deposit within the Middle Speiser Shale (Lower Permian) near Eskridge, Kansas

Peter Dillet - Paleotopographic and Sea-Level Controls on Sequence Stratigraphy of Heterozoan Carbonate Facies: Pliocene Carboneras Basin, Southeast Spain

Erik Hiemstra - Diagenesis and Fluid Migration in the Indian Basin Oil Field

Hembree Daniel - The Occurrence, Morphology, and Paleoecological Significance of Recent and Tertiary Amphisbaenian (Reptile: Squamata) Burrows

Jason Cansler - Paleogeomorphology of the Pre-Pennsylvanian Unconformity on the Arbuckle Group

Jason R. Mckirahan - The Sequence Stratigraphic Controls on Distribution of Lithologies Suitable for Class 1 Aggregate in the Farley Limestone

Troy Johnson - Stratigraphy and Coalbed Methane Potential of Pennsylvnian Coals—Bourbon Arch Region, Eastern Kansas

Kristie Luchtel - Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Analysis of Incised Valleys from the upper Kearny Formation (Morrowan Stage, Lower Pennsylvanian System) within three Kansas fields

Jonathan Lange - Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments and Coalbed Methane Resources of Cherokee Group Coals (Middle Pennsylvanian)- Southeastern Kansas

Andrew Madoff - Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy of Sego Sandstone Nelson Formation

Marcello Minzoni - Triassic Yangtze Platform Margin, Guizhou Province, China

Nathan Wilke - Sequence Stratigraphy of the Bethany Falls Depositional Sequence in Northeastern Kansas and Western Missouri

Niall Toomey - Controls on Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Miocene (Messinian/Tortonian) Carbonates in the Cerro de Ricardillo- San Pedro area of Southeastern Spain

Pei Donghong - The Geology of the Early Triassic Chongzou Isolated Platform in Nanpanjiang Basin of South China

Brian Platt - A New Sauropod Tracksite From the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation: Implications for Sauropod Foot Morphology, Locomotion Dynamics, and Substrate Deformation

Rebecca Scheppy - A Three Dimensional Analysis of the Internal Architecture of an Incised Valley: Desert Member, Blackhawk Formation, Books Cliffs, Utah

Matthew Ritter - Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagenesis of the Short Creek Oolite Member, Keokuk Limestone. Western Missouri

Julienne Ruth Emery - Controls on Topography—Building Phases in Cyclothemic Carbonates: Argentine Limestone, Kansas

Galo Salcedo-Mariduena - Regional Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas

Scott Heath - Taphofacies Analysis of Upper Pennsylvanian Microfossils (Hughes Creek Shale East Central Kansas)

Sean T. Brennan - Fluid Migration History of an Exhumed Petroleum Reservoir, the Abra Limestone(mid-Cretaceous) Sierra el Abra, NE Mexico

Stephen Franklin - Stratigraphy of the Ozawkie Limestone Member (Deer Creek Formation) from Eastern Kansas to Southeastern Nebraska

Edward Washburn - Controls on Facies Developments and Variation in Plattsburg Limestone Reservoir Analog Strata Integrating Outcrop Study and Ground-Penetrating Radar

Zater Mustapha - Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Emery Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, Utah

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